About Us

RentaLife Weddings is a rental directory of unique urban wedding vendors in New York City.  You want the brick, the painted concrete, the city landscape.  Maybe a stately building designed for some other use: a home, a theater, a brewery, an architectural space.  Something unusual, but simple.  A perfect backdrop for the photographer.  Quality dining, a city given.  Music, the city’s soul.

Weddings are all about renting in style.  You rent the venue, you rent the tables, table settings, chairs—and you rent the time of those who prepare the food, do the planning, play the sounds of a live staging.

And what about the gown?  Some rent, some buy.  RentaLife Weddings recommends you search for the rental, first.  The beauty of renting is that you can walk away with your own clothes and do all the reminiscing in pictures.  Not in the closet.