Airbnb, the in home rental, has been the subject of much debate and criticism from policy makers to mother in law's, but could it help solve the homelessness crisis in one of the U.S.'s major city's? 

The city of Los Angeles reached a deal with Airbnb to collect Taxes from Airbnb hosts in July of 2016.  This 14% tax, the same as levied on hotels, has produced $13M in tax revenue about $5M actually going to the homeless "in the form of rapid re-housing vouchers that can be used to provide homeless residents with temporary lodgings while awaiting placement in permanent housing developments." 

Although the tax revenue is a fresh source of income, Airbnb rental's are technically not legal in Los Angeles ("current city rules restrict rentals to periods longer than 30 days"), but "city officials are working on a plan to legalize—and regulate—short-term rentals."