Posted by CK Kenneth on Aug 20, 2016 under

Remember pockets, with a wallet stuffed with old receipts, cards and some bills. I kept the change in the other pocket and still do. These were the days when cabs didn’t come with a screen. You had to do the math for the 20% and then pull at your pockets for the approximate change. How far over 20% is too much? At what point in the trip do you begin the figuring? Too soon and the estimate might be off. And at the drop-off, you’ve got the Cabbie and traffic waiting on your numbers.

Now with Uber and Lift you pay for the cab in advance. Most of you how it works. Get the free phone app. Add your destination. And that’s that.

If you get lucky, you might run into a good story. There was a guy trying to make it in film. Not as an actor, but doing the voice overs. He studied film. Met contacts. Married. Divorced. Was on his way to LA. But this was a Friday night and all the rest was behind him or in front of him. For now, he was just another Uber passenger. And glad for the ride.