Posted by Katherine on Apr 28, 2016 under

Its spring time and it often gets many of us in the mood to be part of something bigger, to make something, plant it, and watch it grow. For those of you who have their own yard and gardens then you are probably already in full swing composting and planting, but for those of you who don't yet and yearn too it's not too late.

There are many great community garden opportunities you can take part in. This is a nice option as you can meet fellow gardeners get tips and tricks and help get outside to work in the dirt. When my children were still in preschool we would often visit community gardens, walking around and talking to the growers and learning about different plants. I have a special fondness for community gardens and the part it has played in my and my children's life. Find a community garden near you at:

If community gardens don't fit in with a busy lifestyle or don't seem convenient you can still garden in most windowsills and on counter tops. Herbs are the easiest to grow and very useful too. If you are more adventuresome you can get small lemon trees that do well in containers.  Strawberries and cherry tomatoes also are good producers even from pots. The lemon tree may be the most expensive of these items, I think I bought mine for around $12 a few years ago, but herbs, tomatoes and berries and not too expensive to purchase. 

Here are some pictures to inspire you to get out and grow!