Welcome to our generic look.  RentaLife Weddings was a good place to begin and remains one of our major markets.  But now, there's more: RentaLife Home; RentaLife Business; RentaLife Tickets.  What? You don't think tickets belongs in an All-Rental Directory?  Well, RentaLife, not surprisingly, is an advocate for renting.  And as an advocate, we believe in expanding on the use of term, "renting".

So, let me ask you.  Do you really buy the seat at your favorite sporting event?  Is a concert seat not the same principle?  We may buy the ticket, but we rent the seat, right?  RentaLife is now an all-rental Directory and that means we're adding such things as tickets because it fits.  In fact, more and more things are being rented, as we search for ways to economize and cut down on our clutter. 

Check back from time to time.  We'll not only be adding more things to rent, but by more people.  Soon, we'll have a peer-to-peer option -- and after that, we'll look at the feasibility of renting directly from the RentaLife website.