Posted by CK Kenneth on Dec 28, 2016 under , , , ,

Our local and national newspapers used to be delivered every morning. A boy on a bike carried them in a sack. He folded the papers for tossing and we got our news. Now it comes into our email inbox. Some of us choose the same paper that used to be thrown on the driveway. “All the news that’s fit to print,” used to mean real news, backed by the highest in research standards.

Now, we get the propaganda we want. If we like the kind of fake news that supports our politics, that’s what we get. Critical thinking was for another age. We want the sick conspiracy theories we can pass on to our gullible friends. We want the attention and the readership. Whether it’s true or not, the font is the same. Why not just call it the truth and move on to the next piece of fake information.

RentaLife often writes blogs based upon a news story. And often that story originates in the New York Times. I’m sorry, has the Times now become the fake news of the liberal media? That’s what our President-elect would have you believe. It’s all lies.

How convenient for someone who doesn’t believe in the free press. Maybe we should limit our blog-references to those stories approved by our new State.

Our economy depends on the trust of our information. It depends on a free press. It’s the watchdog of our democracy and allows for small businesses to thrive in an open marketplace.