Spring is here and love is bloom; tis also the season for weddings. You may find yourself with many invitations from family and friends to join them in celebrating their special day.  When looking over any invite, keep your finances in mind before replying.  According to an article in Washington Post out of town weddings can run on average $673. (1)  

Before getting too worked up over that fee there are a few cost saving measures you may look into when planning to attend an out of town wedding. Emily wrote some nice tips in Evolving Personal Finance. (2) Of course lodging is an expense, but it can also be the easiest shared expense too.  The largest expense will be the travel/transportation expense. Whether needing to take time off of work to drive or paying for airfare this can be a large portion of the cost to consider when thinking of attending an out of town wedding. Emily covers some really tips and tricks to try and reduce this expense in her article. 

If you have children of your own this is also a consideration.  Some couples prefer a kid free wedding, and others are more open family affairs.  Whether asking in-laws to watch them for weekend (or more), hiring a sitter, or bringing them along there is additional costs to consider when you have children.  None of the articles below actually delve in to this additional cost so it I felt it was one worth pointing out.

Whether you decide to go or gracefully decline, these articles are worth a peek.