The politics of the day continues to matter. RentaLife supports the Sharing Economy, a business platform that can only thrive on trust and inclusion. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance understood the ban on Muslim refugee travelers as inhumane, unconstitutional and a necessary danger to its Muslim drivers. The ban is at odds with the foundational concepts that brought about the Sharing Economy. Uber, however, lacked the integrity to foresee beyond their bottom line. They moved-in to replace the striking cabs. It was an example of the business ethics in our new Trump era.

RentaLife will drop Uber from its Directory and recommend that all Uber users switch to Lyft. In a statement on Sunday, Lyft declared the Presidential ban to be against the nation’s core values and donated a million dollars to the ACLU.

RentaLife believes that good business is based on sound moral principles. While the President uses a zero-sum business concept of winners and losers without a guiding principle, this amoral worldview necessarily leads to amoral decisions affecting the wider business and social communities, both here and abroad. Please read the following article from the Atlantic.