Posted by CK Kenneth on Jun 18, 2016 under

One of my favorite rentals for a new apartment or home is the modem/router. The language these provider’s use is lease language. That’s okay. We know a rental when we see it.

Sometimes the living room furniture is in place before the TV. As long as the laptop is available and the modem has its lights shining, you’re in business. Want to take the night off and put on a movie? If you haven’t seen The Americans on FX, I highly recommend it.

Many of you might not have FX with Basic Internet Service. Try searching for The Americans. It might show up as an option to buy. Well, we understand what that means. You can rent the right to view The Americans for as long as you want. After all, you’re not buying The Americans. You’re not even renting it for a brief period. Call it a long, long, long-term rental.