Posted by Katherine on May 26, 2016 under

What do you do with your gorgeous center pieces?  At my wedding, we gave it to the longest married at the table.  During different events, I noticed gorgeous displays of arrangements tossed in the trash or taken by guests and staff to take home.  But what if you could donate your flowers and a portion of the money they resell it for went to charity of your choice?  I discovered  Jennifer Soffen, founder of Rebloom, picks up the flowers after the wedding or event.  Then the arrangements are refridgerated and resold at a 70-90 percent discount.  A portion of the proceeds from the sales goes to a charity of the couple's choosing and many couples simply donate the entire amount of the sale. Rebloom is based in New York and Boston and Jennifer just opened Los Angeles. It is best to subscibe to her newsletter and facebook so that you are notified when the sales are available.  Here are more earth-friendly wedding vendors that make a difference.