Posted by CK Kenneth on Jul 03, 2016 under

Many thanks to Jen Glass for her blog reference to RentaLife Weddings ( Please read Jen’s informative article on the many ways to save in the wedding dress market ( There’s no reason to give up on boutique quality. But you may have to walk passed the boutique and have a stroll looking at the buildings and the dog-walkers.

As you know, your wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime look which you’ll keep forever in photos. There’s little reason for keeping it in the closet, unless you want a child to grow into the dress and grow into your own special taste. This could be one of those kind ideas that may not look so kind over time.

One of Jen’s recommendations is the rental market. Like the boutique experience, you may find the dress you’ve been looking for but at a price more fitting a one-day lifetime event.