Posted by Katherine on Feb 19, 2016 under

Found this new cycling option here in NYC and thought I should share it with you.


A convenient solution for quick trips around New York City and Jersey City.

The Citi Bike system, operated by Motivate, features thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations across New York and Jersey City. Citi Bikes are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Station locations are based on population and transit needs, and were selected through a participatory public input process. Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, a map of the service area and surrounding neighborhood, and a docking system that releases bikes for rental with a card or key. You must be 16 or older to ride a Citi Bike. 

This can be a great option for those of you who want to get around pretty quickly, yet don't want to use a cab or the subway.  Walking can take awhile, though its good for your heart, so is cycling, and its so much quicker too.  I think this may be a very useful option for some, though maybe not for others. You can check out other great ideas for sharing a ride, sharing a meal or even getting some 'new' cloths in The Sharing Economy section of this site. Check us out!