Posted by CK Kenneth on May 15, 2017 under

It is now possible to live in a modern chic, and stylish, fully recycled, reusable, sustainable home.  In one article from they showcase "The Prefab House of the Future", which features flexible sustainable architecture for future adaptation and extension.  Pleasant spacial solutions, and sustainable building techniques, and removable carpets which can be replaced once worn out, with reused refurbished ones.  In another article from inhabitat.comAustralia's First Carbon-Positive Pre-fab home, is quite breathtaking.  This mobile home was built to withstand Australia's intense heat, and is topped with solar panels that actually allow the house to produce more energy than it consumes.  High tech ventilation features allow the house to pull the naturally occurring cool air into the home, rather than relying on mechanical heating and cooling.  The last featured article from, is the Ecological House 3.0, the home you can control from your smartphone.  This bio climatic home was designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency.  You can control; energy consumption and production, temperature, humidity, and other relevant data is all accessible in real time from your smartphone.