Posted by CK Kenneth on Jun 06, 2017 under

And now for some old news. Small businesses are reportedly cheering the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. America first means me first you last. Leadership has little to do with cooperation. So strange that the planet is round. That we’re all housed on the same piece of earth.

RentaLife is from another time and place. When the Sharing Economy held values of common trust, limiting our carbon footprint. We don’t believe economic growth is a zero-sum game. The idea is not to “get over” on the other guy. The idea is to be the other guy. Look for the return business.

RentaLife has not yet been infected by the new pollution. Could it be the smoking gun, an odorless contamination of our common bonds? RentaLife has a warning about where to look. It’s not in any one action or any one decision. It’s internal. In the everyday workings of his mind.