In this new world of Shared Economy, unique and inspired gift giving takes on a whole new meaning.  In an article from Architectural Digest, by Alicia Brunker, one of the most romantic and iconic cities in the world is now offering up a literal piece of itself to online shoppers.  

"Last summer Margaux Sainte-Lagüe noticed a line of jackhammers tearing up the cobblestones on Paris’s tony Champs-Élysées as she rode her Vespa down the street.'I only wanted one for myself but ended up buying five tons,' Sainte-Lagüe says. In early 2016 the city of Paris began selling thousands of tons of cobblestones from its most iconic roads and secret-trodden alleyways as part of its circular economy, with goals of reducing waste and saving energy, which resulted in the attraction of buyers like Sainte-Lagüe

She has made these stones into custom gifts for Paris's Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, and even for a Chinese Bride and Groom painting their names side by side.  What a beautiful way to bring a piece of Paris home with you, and what a historic symbol of romance, beauty, and love.