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On February 29th I just celebrated my 2nd (or 8th depending on how you count) wedding anniversary.  It was good to go back and look at pictures and remember that day.  To save money I had done many of decorations, innovations and whatnot myself.  I am still proud and happy about how that day turned out.  I think there is plenty of room for the DIY in weddings and went poking around the web to see if there was more out there then when I had my wedding. What I found was amazing and exciting. 

37 Things To DIY Instead Of Buy For Your Wedding 

By Peggy Wang 
November 6, 2013
Buzz Feed Staff


While I didn't find all these ideas to be useful, and some projects maybe more difficult than others to actually carry out for those less crafty, I did find some to very useful. I particularly liked #1 (Paper Cone Rice/Petal Tosser), #2 (Framed Chalkboard), #8(Ribbon Tied Chairs), #17 (Painted Glass Votives), #22 (Candles in Terra Cotta Pots) & #34. I have included a few of the pictures below from the article above. (Too see all 37 cool ideas visit the article at the link above) 



Another very cool site that wasn’t available when I was crafting my wedding is Pinterest.  It is a great source for ideas and suggestions on creative and fun DIY weddings. What is great about Pinterest I found is that you can create a “board” and “pin” all the ideas you love from other pins already on Pinterest or you can often ‘pin’ from a website you found and liked something on too so it gives you lots of options.  You can even break your wedding down into groups like dining, reception, invitations so when you are ready to decide you can look at just those items and narrow it down easily to the one you love. 

There are also many helpful links on this site on our: Wedding/DIY & Save