Posted by Katherine on Dec 31, 2016 under ,

It's New Year's Eve and it's time to think about our resolutions for 2017.  How can 2017 be all it can be?  I think about my childeren and my family and how they can grow and learn.  Recently, at my children's school, we raised money by having everyone at school donate all their used clothes, bedding, stuffed animals, shoes and other textiles to Clothes for a Cause.  After over 6 weeks, we collected over 5,000 pounds and Clothes for a Cause donated $1000 to our school's PTA.  Families were able to clean out their garages without filling the dump and hasseling over yard sales.

Deemly.Co has great news on what the future brings for 2017.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year!