We can learn a little from Soup Kitchen etiquette.  Nothing is wasted.  Don’t like vegetables?  You can’t leave if it’s on the plate.  The tables are communal.  Just pass it to a neighbor.

Americans throw out 16 billion dollars worth of food every year.  And you can’t blame it on restaurants.  It’s you and me.  Consumers.  It’s the way we eat and the way we prepare to eat.  Listen to Tom Colicchio and scientist Dana Gunders on the Leonard Lopate Show (www.wnyc.org/story/the-leonard-lopate-show-2016-04-25).

Start with shopping.  For all those with good intentions, we buy fresh.  We stock the fridge.  Days run out.  We get lazy.  Something quick later in the week.  Food gets thrown out.

And what about the way we fill our plates?  Ever scrape part of a good meal into the garbage?

RentaLife (www.myrentalife.com) highlights The Sharing Economy in its all-rental directory.  Apps like LeftoverSwap (www.leftoverswap.com) address this food waste directly, connecting those who are hungry with those who have leftovers.  It’s a needed service.