Posted by CK Kenneth on Sep 19, 2016 under

I used to wonder about the world to be when I was a small boy. We had a Desert Rose Chrysler station wagon in the driveway. It was so automatic, it led to thoughts of full automation. Cars that would drive themselves. And now, it’s come to pass.

Of course, my images were all wrong. I thought there would be hookups down the middle of highways. And I never did come up with an idea for actually getting on and off these carnival-like chains.

We can thank Uber for coming up with the grown-up technology and the city of Pittsburgh for providing the space and support. Pittsburgh even has a kiosk in the works for inebriated would-be drivers to signal a need for a ride home. With over 3,000 automobile deaths recorded daily in this country, the mayor of Pittsburgh reasoned we could use a little technological help.

The blind can now drive in Pittsburgh. And if you’re drunk, you’re no longer a danger. The technology is here and it’s coming your way. Get ready to trust in the GPS mounted on the roof. Your car will be making faster, more accurate decisions.

This is the forefront of The Sharing Economy.  RentaLife has been a supporter of the Uber business model. And out of this model, the automated car has it first showing.