Posted by CK Kenneth on Sep 30, 2016 under

Most of us read to support ideas we already hold. Why confuse things? Would there be any point in reading more stories about the marketing skills of Donald Trump? Not if your mind is made up. We all have better things to do.

However, maybe this is not such a good attitude. Maybe we should all expose ourselves to the ideas and people we reject. If our educations included less facts and more information on relations in context, we might come away with a more solid understanding of history and the people around us.

But we are not so adventurous. We read selectively. We rarely read to better understand the people whose ideas conflict with our own.

I’d like to highlight one medium, though, where we take more of a chance. That’s the theater. We will often go to a well-received production and have no idea what the play is about. Why do we do this? Why do we not censor the play based on the known content?

The theater comes with its own culture. We are open to the live performances. We will work at the message. We let the theater in, in ways we do not let life in.

RentaLife supports the culture of theater. Last year my wife and I missed the production of John at the Signature Theater. But it’s coming to Philadelphia and that’s close enough. I encourage anyone who missed it in New York to see it in Philly.

It's worth the seat rental.