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Try and bring the dad along for this one.  He’ll be honest and make up words, like it’s too “cuppy”.  Wedding gowns, as you may know, can flatter or expose.  Are you going for a look that fits your body-type?  Some designs may be counter-intuitive.  Wide hips in a mermaid fit?  You have to try it on, and keep trying.  Visit several places until your powers of description can bring a smile to the seamstress.  You'll find the one.  The one you want to stay in the family for a daughter or granddaughter.  Or, pardon the expression, rent it out, while waiting for the family to grow.

But you know your budget.  If the cost still remains the overriding issue, then the most important equation may be this: buying for more minus selling for less equals renting.



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Borrowed Bling

Doyle & Doyle

Fancy Wedding Center

Happily Ever Borrowed

Haute Vault

JJ's House

Light in the Box

Little Borrowed Dress

Lotus Bridal

Posh Mark

PreOwned Wedding Dresses

Rent the Runway

Rocks Box

Simply Bridal


Vow To Be Chic

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