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Most of us frame the posed pictures of the family. But then, there are the real pictures, the ones that touch your memory. The looks and gestures that capture who we are: in the moment and in between moments.

A good wedding photographer tries to see the wedding through your eyes. It's a difficult thing to do. You can see a portfolio of work, but whose vision is it? Does the photographer impose a style or does the style come from the style of the wedding?

Rent a Life Weddings tries to find a sampling of those photographers who can show more than a beautiful portfolio. We're looking for photographers who care to know what you want. Maybe it's certain groupings, together, or individual random shots. Maybe you have an idea for the album or just want to watch the way the photographer works.

4 Eyes Photography

Andre Maier Photography

Brian Dorsey Photography

Brookelyn Photography

Christian Oth Studio

Esvy Photography

Ira Lippkes Studios

Julian Ribinik Photography

M. Pavel Shpak Photography 

Sean Gallery Photography

Trent Bailey Photography